24 September, 2013

Marlborough Playground Grafitti

Marlborough playground graffiti Marlborough playground graffiti
Used to walk past this all the time but never really paid much attention to the site itself, wandering round it looks like it's an initiative by Bankside Open Spaces Trust to get all the local kids involved in outdoor activities, the site itself was set aside (all the way back) in 1919 by the Duchess of Marlborough purely for kids to play in (but until recently it was just a large tarmac square)...now, however -
Marlborough playground beach volleyball
- it's got beach volleyball -
Marlborough playground football pitch
- a very nice 5-a-side football pitch (didn't take pics but) - basketball hoops, a few objects to grind off if you like skateboarding, a very large bag stand (presumably for kickboxing) and this -
Marlborough playground growup box
- a "Growup box" (complete with "Shutterpatch") -
Marlborough playground shutterpatch
- looking at the BOST website, it's been *extremely* successful (like 3000 users successful)...the Duchess would be proud... ;)

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