28 January, 2012

The potty is the place!

A proliferation of potties...
Okay, so we've sat quietly for about 6 weeks and not said anything at all on this subject, as we didn't want to jinx anything, and with the new baby due any day now, it perhaps isn't the best timing...but Thomas seems to have has decided that the 'Potty is the place' (to quote one of our little toddler books)!

Cast your mind back to before Christmas when quite spontaneously, Thomas got up from breakfast sat down on the potty and had a wee...I was so genuinely pleased (prior to this he point point blank refused to even sit on the potty) that my smile, clap and cheers dancing around the room were enough for him to realise how clever he was. This went on for the next hour or so as he continued to get a round of applause for every tiny wee, no matter how small was the amount he squeezed out. Poor Fink was on his way into London and got a text message every time and must have had about 10 when he finally finished his commute (as I was slightly impressed to say the least)!
Anyway, we didn't *really* want to be potty -training- so just sat back and followed Thomas' lead putting him in pants whenever we were home and nappies to go out. Initially, we introduced a small bribe (a single raisin or sultana) for a wee along with a 'big clap' and (no joke) he just seemed to get it (only taking a couple of days)...we've had a (very) few accidents, but you can count the number on a single hand...so I then stalled - our next step was to decide when to put him in pants going out (eek!)...This bit, I've been dreading...I'm heavily pregnant, its hard enough going out and about chasing a toddler around without having to worry about carrying potties/pants/shoes/changes of trousers etc.

When in the home, Thomas now automatically takes himself off to find the potty each time he needs a wee so I finally decided that I needed to be brave...and to my astonishment, he has taken to it like a duck to water! The novelty of going on another potty is so great, that we seemed to spend more time in various toilets than enjoying toddler groups or visiting friends houses!

Mummy and Daddy are very impressed with the progress so far, we do (admittedly) still have to tackle number twos (he desperately spins around demanding a nappy to be put on immediately) and getting through the night is still a long way off...but for now I'm just so very proud of my little boy...

If anyone is reading this and thinking, when should I potty train? I would honestly say it's right to follow your child's lead and start to watch carefully for their signals...Thomas really did show us he was ready and if he regresses a bit when the new baby comes along, then so be it! All children get there eventually and by exerting no pressure what-so-ever we have a very happy little boy, wearing some pretty cool Lightening McQueen pants and weeing on some very impressive VW Beetle potties (even if we find ourselves caught short in the middle of the countryside)! :O)

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