25 January, 2012

Hanging on in there!

East Surrey Hospital
I can't believe I am now 39 weeks pregnant.. it just goes to show that no two pregnancies are the same and you just have to go with the flow! (Something against my planning/controlled/organised nature) Everyone is excited, you can feel it in the air.. a bit like waiting for Christmas to come.. although I know that those 'on call' are just waiting now to spring into action! I've had a few niggly Braxton hicks, a little bit of monitoring at the hospital for lack of movement, but so far everything is fine and Baby is just happy to wait before making their grand entrance!

Now, little one...Mummy, Daddy and Thomas have cuddles waiting for you.. whenever you are ready. xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi there Flyingpops etal! I've been lurking for a while, since your blog was recommended on a forum as good for new dads, (not that I am one, but I am a new mum!) I've been following your pregnancy posts for the last few months - I hope (for your sake, especially!) that it's not too much longer, and hopefully it will go more to plan this time! Good luck to all of you,

Flyingpops said...

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the lovely comment.. its nice to know that people are still reading the blog.. we don't seem to find the time to write as much anymore! Which forum was it that you found the blog on? Fink wrote a very funny post about a baby's nappy habits.. I have to confess it still makes me laugh now when I read it back!!!


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a 'proper' forum, but I think it was an article on yahoo news about the lack of parenting skills of young dads today - usually the comments section on there is rife with super obnoxious trolls, but there was one recommending your blog, and in particular, Fink's musings on being a new dad. I liked your writing style, so i hung about, :-). It was a little while before I gave birth last October to our William that I found you guys (an eye opener and a half that has been!)...
Something that we're having trouble with is getting our boy to sleep on his own (both falling asleep on his own, and sleeping in his own bed and not ours... He's napping on my chest as I write this.) If you have the time before your new little one arrives (which I know is imminent) would you be able to write a post on what you found worked for you?

Flyingpops said...

HI Katherine,

If you search the blog, there are a few posts of sleeping.. however I have to say that there isn't a 'magical' formula in getting them to sleep alone.

Thomas co-slept with us for the first week and occasionally when he wouldn't settle but I was always fairly strict about making him sleep on his own from a very early age and have the ability to fall asleep in a noisy room! I really am a fan of Tracey Hoggs Baby Whisperer about watching for babies signals and responding, however also have a bit of a 'tough love' approach and would sometimes leave Thomas to cry in his crib/pram and learn to sleep on his own.

I never really left him to sleep in his car seat (my car was very difficult to lift seat in/out), always picking him up and moving him and I think long term result is he is a very flexible sleeper that we can transfer even now!

One trick I did try was putting a hot water bottle into the crib where he would be placed, so if he did fall asleep on me, he would be moved from my nice warm arms into a warm bed.. worth a try? As he got older, I also used to sing to him.. so he knew I was there, but not holding him... will have a think and try to write a blog post if I get a sec .. Good luck! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions, there are a few that I hadn't thought of yet so shall give a go. I think our problem is that we hate to let him cry even a little bit, (especially at night when we are both tired anyway), so our little guy has been co sleeping since about 10 days, and he now is 14 weeks... I know we will have to bite the bullet soon and get him to sleep on his own, but I am not looking forward to it (and therefore am putting it off, 'fraid to say).
Anyways, I am enjoying the blog, and hopefully you all will not have too long to wait until the new little person arrives (safe and well).

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