13 December, 2010

Christmas decorations are up!

Christmas Decorations
Ah, Christmas is almost here! We spent a very enjoyable Sunday (with Will Ferrell's hilarious "Elf" on the TV in the background) trying to work out how to reassemble the (German Christmas Market) Nativity (which Thomas completed for us by adding the purple hippopotamus which we had somehow managed to forget - Silly Mummy and Daddy!) -
Christmas Decorations
- struggling to work out how to put together the (German Christmas Market) bell-candle-impeller-thing (sure they have a proper name, Christmas Chime or something, but I can't find it), which was totally illogical in it's construction (but we got there in the end, after only being knocked on the floor by Thomas twice, helping Daddy to start all over again-
Christmas Decorations
- put batteries back in all the plush-noisy electronica and plugged in the fibre-optic nativity (which warbles a couple of cut down Christmas hymns far too noisily)-
Christmas Decorations
- and ventured out into the trecherously icy garden to bring back in our live Christmas tree (now about to enjoy it's *third* year, warm and cosy in the house)-
Our tiny Christmas tree...
- this is what it looked like when we first bought it back in 2008...it's practically doubled in height! :)

Anyway, the countdown is now well and truly underway, my last full day at work before Christmas is the 16th! Woo Hoo!! :)

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