21 October, 2010

Mountaineer Thomas...

Mountaineer Thomas
...this started quite a while ago - the mountaineering - put an object in the room that Thomas can get up onto and he'll get up onto it, I turned away from watching him (for a moment) to quickly turn some cooking sausages when we were on holiday in Cornwall and when I swung back to check on him found that he had not only managed to climb up on the sofa, but successfully transferred himself onto one of the dining room chairs and was now perched, happily pushing buttons on my camera, sat on top of the dining room table! I popped him on the floor and watched in wide-eyed amazement, shaking my head, as he zoomed across the room, clambered onto the incidental tables I had used to protect the (annoyingly low down) DVD player and set top box and proceeded to bang the TV screen with his metal spoon (prompting me to spend ten minutes re-arranging all the furniture in the room so there was at least a 1 foot gap between everything...another time (getting antibiotics at the Doctors surgery) I popped him down in the waiting room (as he didn't want to sit in the pram), walked 2 yards to just quickly announce my arrival to the receptionist and when I turned around he had zoomed across the floor, climbed onto a toddler sized chair that was in the corner, hopped up onto a little table and before I could rush across the room had managed to fall off the back and wodge himself against the wall...I mean, I know he's got to learn, but honestly, if you aren't in an environment deliberately designed to be safe for fearless mountaineering toddlers (impending parental cliché warning) - you can't turn your back for an instant... >;P

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lynette said...

ah but sometimes it can be quite helpful... Thomas climb into the car... up the stairs... into the pushchair.. saves my back and lots of lifting!