31 December, 2009

Happy New Year!

Woah...! It's been ages since my last post, but we have millions of pics, vids and stories to come!

Thomas has grown up soooo much, he's got soo many new powers, we've had an amazing Christmas and New Year (thus far), and I promise (if nothing else) to blog much more in the new year!! ;)

We couldn't let the year end pass without just noting a few of the most important events of the year -

January - found out Flyingpops was pregnant - Hello Thomas/MJ! (and she turned 30!)
February - Had our first scan and "saw" MJ on the scanner screen
March - *Finally* able to announce pregnancy to friends and family and celebrated our first wedding anniversary!!
April - Hard work begins on the nursery (and the rest of the house) second scan takes place...
May - Work continues on the nursery and Fink learns how to plaster (hrm), we kiss goodbye to Colin the Camper... :(
June - Holiday in the Witterings, new bathroom installed, Tim & Gayle announce their pregnancy (baby due in Jan 2010, yay!)
July - Lucy and James get married(!!!), shop excitedly for the baby and MJ almost arrives with Net having a short stay in St.Thomas's hospital (phew)...!
August - Thomas arrives...albeit 5 weeks early throwing us into total chaos!
September - Our first family holiday to the Witterings...
October - Poor Thomas has his jabs and sleeps through every party in the period
November - Our second family holiday to the Cotswolds and Thomas starts his swimming lessons! Baby Harry is Born (congratulations!)...
December - Our first family Christmas!

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Absolute Beginner said...

Thanks for the big up!!! What a year it has been. Who would have thought that we'd become parents in the same year. Isn't it great :) Here's to 2010 xx