01 December, 2009

The Bolt Hole, Northleach review

Northleach West End
Okay, here we go, sorry for the complete lack of attention lately, there was practically no signal on the mobiles, and very little in the way of internet access during the break, plus I've been a bit lazy going through the photos... ;)
Northleach town square
Anyway, lets get back to the break! Set wayback machines to last Monday, clambering into an absolutely packed Poppy the Beetle and driving the two hours to the Cotswolds, specifically the tiny medieval town of Northleach (there is something intensely satisfying at reaching your turning and finding that the place you are going to be staying is signposted by one of those brown road signs indicating a place of interest)...
The place we were staying was called "The Bolt Hole" in Guggle Lane (apparently the "Guggle" being referred to is some kind of underground chapel, but we didn't locate it)...it was a very compact place -
The Bolt Hole
- they referred to it as a "flat", but it's actually more of a bungalow (as you can see) -
The Bolt Hole
- outside there is a tiny courtyard, with the main door into the kitchen/living room and these double doors which lead straight into the bedroom, but the weather wasn't going to give us an opportunity to make use of them (charming as I imagine it would be during the summer months)-
The Bolt Hole
- inside, even though diminutive, the place is absolutely immaculate, the kitchen even boasting a dishwasher alongside the full size fridge, double oven and triple sink...there is a very small sofa and a tiny TV opposite (with some sort of satellite system getting most free channels), in the hall is the boiler and a slimline washing machine (very strange device that you load through the top of the drum), a very well appointed bathroom (with shower) -
The Bolt Hole
- and a good sized bedroom (which we modified by putting up the travel cot and turning the chest of drawers into a changing station) -
The Bolt Hole
One of the most incredible things about the place was the fact that every time we wished for anything (even sellotape) we found it just by poking through a few doors and cupboards, meaning the carefully packed washing up liquid etc. that we had brought from home didn't get used...

The size of the place wasn't really an issue either, it felt plenty large enough, even with Thomas to worry about (although this time his routine got a bit mucked up by being away from home, just because whenever he did wake up he spent ages just looking around wondering where he was)...

I'll talk a bit more about the village tomorrow... ;)


Anonymous said...

looks like a lovely little place.
hope you are all well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. I'm thinking of going there next spring and this was very useful information for me :)