06 August, 2008

Bookmooch - swap books free worldwide

This is worth a post all of it's own - Bookmooch - basically it lets you swap books with people the world over (free apart from the price of postage), it works like this - you go around your spare room, blowing dust off all the books you don't want any more, then type in their ISBN number to build a catalogue (just by doing this you can earn credit (10 books put up for offer earns you one free book in return)...if one of the other members wants a book you have listed you pop it in the post to them and when they get it you earn more points, 1 point if they live in the same country as you, 3 points if they are in a different one (to offset the extra postage cost)...so then you take your earned points, browse through all the books listed (you can browse by location, so in London, for example, there are 3082 free books listed at the moment) and pick away, each locally sourced book costs 1 point, each one from abroad costs 2 points...simple as that, the only other thing is that you must maintain a 2:1 ratio (send one out for every two you get, just in order to keep everything moving)...

Have a go!

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Ys said...

Aww I would if I wasn't such a horder of books. I can't let any of mine go :) Sounds like a great idea, though.