07 June, 2008

My top 10 amusing photographs

Time for a little round-up of just ten of the more amusing things I've spotted over the last (urm, how long have I been blogging now?) three and-a-bit years (slightly influenced by number of views on Flickr, so I know it's not just me than found them funny)...each picture will be accompanied by a little explanation of where I was/what I was doing when I saw (and snapped) them (for no other reason than to give you some context)...

Quick Disclaimer - shockingly sexist content I include here only because of how stunned (in an amused way - sort of mouth-wide-open-in-shock) I was at the blatant use of such outdated stereotypes (that and the fact that they (unfairly) got by *far* the most attention on Flickr) ;)

Cornwall 2007 #78
This sign was spotted at the entrance to the car park the day after the August bank holiday on Widmouth Beach in Cornwall (to be fair, it had been completely rammed for the few days beforehand, the car park attendant was probably in hospital suffering with exhaustion)... ;)

Earlswood Flood
"Run to the Hills"...!!! This massive deluge (threatening to sweep the car off the road) was spotted in Earlswood as we were on our way to the supermarket to do our weeks shop (we almost decided to turn round and give up, but somehow the car made it through unscathed)...

Christmas decorations at Canary Wharf
"Act Festive - By Order - and no loitering"...these Christmas-tree-bauble-themed warning signs were plastered all over the place in Canary Wharf in London's Docklands over the "season to be jolly" that we just enjoyed (while looking over our shoulders)...

Coach sign
Spotted in the car park in a service station about half way to Bath for our mini-honeymoon, I spotted this on a coach door...Twisted in its contradiction, both the information on what the button is, a cheery "Welcome Aboard" next to it...but is there anything worse (or more tempting) than a button labelled "do not touch"...? ;)

Coinstar Centre
Spotted in Tesco at Hookwood...my only comment was - "Urm, aren't coins already cash"?

London Canal Museum sign vandalised 090606
Spotted in the Caledonian Road, just outside the mini-Tesco, initially I thought it was schoolboy defacement (and chortled appropriately) of the sign to the "London Canal Museum), but later came to learn that the Central Station pub (in that exact direction) is a local gay hangout...so perhaps a bit more clever than I had originally appreciated...(but only a bit)... ;)

maim courses
I had to take this one covertly, wondering (and guarding my throat slightly nervously with my other hand) where the meat had come from in the sausages I had just eaten for my breakfast(!) while waiting for AdTech '05 to open it's doors at London Olympia...

The response from our local (Whitebushes) graffiti artists to the roads being re-surfaced and the lines being re-painted...it took *ages* to wear off...

Turd Busters - Hilarious!
One of the highest numbers of views on Flickr now (I took this shot at the Laughton Cuckoo Fayre), another picture of the same van appeared on the internet (someone caught it in 'motion' going to a 'job') and this shot was widely used to dispute accusations that the other one was a photoshop effort... ;)

Kingsfold Vintage Vehicle Spectacular #6
...and finally, taken at Kingsfold Vintage Vehicle Spectacular (obviously a bastion of attitudes of days gone by as well as objects), this the picture from my "Amusing" set with the most number of views...

Hrm, actually, ten didn't seem to be quite enough, so maybe I'll do a follow-up, but hopefully one or two of them tickled you as much as they did I...if you can't wait the other 153 are here (if you like this kind of thing... ;)


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