23 March, 2015

Protest at the Mini Shard 23rd March

Mini Shard Protest 23rd March 2015
Yep, so a bit worried what the office would be like this morning (as there is an "Occupy" protest due to happen this week, starting today)...
Mini Shard Protest 23rd March 2015
...the answer?  A bit of scaffolding around the escalators covered in anti-climb paint, a bit of glue on the windows (I guess to make it easy to remove any spray paint/permanent marker pens), a *lot* more security guards and a lot more police...and basically nothing else!

I guess it's tough to get up early in the morning and commute to a protest eh?

Update - According to Facebook it's at 11:30am that they plan to "Take  the space"...let's see what happens! ;)

Update update - You can watch the protest live here - http://bambuser.com/v/5372441 (their cameras)

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Tom Hopwood said...

Gosh so high, those ants look like people er....