29 April, 2014

Pudding Lane Commute

Pudding Lane
Noticed the other day that (when I decide to walk over London Bridge to get to Wapping, instead of getting shuttle bus or tube) I tend to walk up Pudding Lane - quite by accident (!)...
Pudding Lane
...which is, of course, the site of the start of the Great Fire of London (way back in 1666), just shows, you really can't take more than about 50 steps in any direction in London without hitting some bit of interesting history... ;)
Monument on a sunny evening
Of course, I *should* have been clued into this possibility by the enormous Monument...
- complete with *huge* signs telling the terrible tale (all over the base) that I pass -
Pudding Lane
- shortly before my swerve up Pudding Lane (which, I imagine, looks rather different today than when it was the home of Thomas Faryner's (slightly too combustible) Bakery...

I turn right up the little alley you can see about half way up the lane to continue my rush...now sniffing for signs of smoke as I go... ;)

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