24 March, 2014

Weekend Update...

So, on Saturday (after swimming) we came home, I installed our new Virgin Superhub (looks like they just leave you to it now - everything worked okay apart from my Xbox - and that just seemed to be sulking as when I tried it 4 hours later it popped right up without me actually changing anything), then, to give Mummy a rest (as she is poorly with Bronchitis) I took the kids to Godstone Farm -
Thomas and Poppy at Godstone Farm Dinosaur Walk
- where I let them just do what they wanted - this consisted of ignoring the animal petting completely, 15 minutes in the slide barn (yelling "Dad, look what I can do!" every three seconds), two loops around the Dinosaur Walk (including the creepy crawly cave) insisting on posing for pictures each and every time -
Thomas at Godstone Farm Dinosaur Walk
Thomas at Godstone Farm Dinosaur Walk
- and then about 30 minutes in the main play barn (where I barely saw them)...followed by 15 minutes driving little tractors outside then *another* walk around the Dinosaur Walk (somewhere along the line Poppy losing her beaker)...this would have been alright (she wasn't that bothered), but Thomas was *devastated* ("It's my favourite lid Dad!") and insisted we walk around everywhere looking for it, so we did the main play barn (again), the tractors (again) and the Dinosaur Walk (again) - unfortunately to no avail (and plenty of wail)...anyway, when we got home Mummy said she would email the farm and ask if they had found it (so that sort of diffused things)...

Sunday morning we woke up early, as the Sky engineers were coming (much excitement) - this is also the reason why we had to install the superhub on Saturday as we ditching Virgin TV for being far too expensive (and I get a great deal on Sky+ HD Ultimate package through work).  They came along, installed a nice small dish on the side of the house and managed to route the cables without making any mess at all and we then spent the rest of the day playing with pausing live TV, queueing up TV shows to record, downloading movies and configuring our telephones and tablets for Sky Go and all the other cool things it does...cannot believe how many channels we have now...Thomas particularly was loving Phineas and Ferb, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants (and all the other shows that you don't get on Freeview we seem to have been missing out on)...!  The only thing that is a bit annoying is that it simply can't stream anything - everything must be downloaded first (at least a large chunk of it anyway), but thanks to our nice 50Mb broadband that isn't too much of a headache...just need to learn to be a little more patient! ;)

Anyway, a rather busy, but rather cool weekend... ;)

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