19 December, 2013

Last day in the office!

Free Christmas Dinner!
Loving the *free* Christmas (either Pork or Turkey) dinner with all the trimmings...if you had the time you could eat it in the canteen on a proper plate with drinks and crackers etc. but I took it back to my desk in a takeaway box (still fantastic) as it's my last day in the office this year (bar a tiny bit of working from home) so I had a few things to finish off... ;)

I feel a bit guilty talking about the *huge* giveaway in reception happening at the same time that I stumbled into...it was like a free black-friday scrum for staff...*astonishing*...Not sure how I'm going to get everything home!

In summary - *This* is how you do the week before Christmas - I've never seen anything even remotely like it anywhere else I have worked in all my long years!  So God Bless you current employer...and here's to many, many more years to come! <:0


Mum and Dad xx said...

What were the give-away items in reception?I am so glad you work at such a buzzy place!

Mum and Dad xx said...

Hi! What a beautiful blog, from foggy London Town that reminds me of 40 years ago, through the views of my old HQ at Southwark, to the Christmas nosh at work - totally beyond my experience! Loved reading every word! Dad xx

Tom Hopwood said...

Hope you got a sack full, FP never managed that. So glad you're happy there mate, good on yer and Happy New Year.