23 August, 2013

Travellers at East Surrey Hospital - Update

A quick update - not a lot had happened in the meantime (by any authorities) - but plenty of laudably energetic progress by the traveller folk -
Traveller Bridge
- they have constructed a very nice (and perfectly effective) bridge over the ditch and have begun making a nice little camp right by the children's play area in Whitebushes (also right where the football coaching takes place on a Saturday morning for all the local tweens)...
Travellers invade playing field
I know it's Friday afternoon, but does anyone have a bit of time for some action now?  Other than the demonstrably industrious?


Update - Tweet from @RedhillCouncil - 
Council officers on site and working to have them evicted - fence was damaged to gain access.

Update - Tweet from @BarbaraT09
police have arrived to Whitebushes Common

Update - Happy ending! Great job everyone! Tweet from @colh8756
police have just removed 9 travellers from Whitebushes common

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