26 October, 2011

I'm a banana mummy!

With bonfire night approaching, I thought I would try to squeeze Thomas into last years snow suit ... its at this point I realised quite how much Thomas has grown in a year. The arms now stop at the elbow and legs just below the knees.. Still, Daddy needed to go to the station and Thomas wouldn't take off the suit, so he waddled out to the car and as I strapped him into the car seat, he told me it was tight (yes Thomas, I know - that's the exact reason I asked you to take it off again!). We got home about 10 minutes later, having waved at trains from the comfort of the car as it was absolutely tipping down. Needless to say, when I suggested taking off the suit he was very obliging. As I undid the two zips, our conversation went something like...
(T) 'Thomas like a banana'
(Me) No, darling, you're not a banana... would you like a banana to eat? (he doesn't really like them, so I was a little confused)
(T) 'No Mummy, Thomas is a banana, Mummy pealing off the skin from Thomas'
(Me) catching on and starting to laugh.. 'Oh yes, you are a bit like a banana with mummy peeling off the snowsuit'

What a clever boy hey? Got to love his imagination!

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