09 June, 2011

Teaching a Toddler about Colours (etc.)...

Well, Thomas seems to be finally starting to get his colours, the trick was to divide the statements into two when instructing him, our first approach had been to explain to him "That's a Red Car", the trouble was, he had already imprinted that the correct answer to the question "What colour is it, Thomas?" was "Lellow"...He hasn't nailed it yet by any means, but (Daddy trying very hard to remember) saying "That's a Canoe - The Canoe is the colour Orange", in much the same way as he constructs little sentences like "Stones - Lots!" (at Brighton Beach) he has begun to say "Canoe - Orange", I think it would be wise to try and limit the colours at this stage, but at least we've managed 2 or 3... ;)

On the bad side? An oddly negative Baby Einstein experience...each morning (at the moment, a few weeks ago he was obsessed with "Mr Men") he emphatically demands one of the episodes (usually "Animals!", "Shapes!" or "Go!") and they *are* brilliant, they have helped to add so many words to his vocabulary including things like "Macaw", "Trigger Fish" and "Meerkat", the only problem was catching him the other day (only the once, but still) saying the word "Giraffe" in a perfect American accent...hrm...have to keep a close eye on that one! ;)


Mum said...

Thomas rushing around the flowering plant section of the garden centre
yelling" Plants,plants, flowers,flowers" bending over to smell some, then dashing off once again suddenly said " Go,Thomas, Go".
Hilarious to watch!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe...yes, just watch he doesn't try to eat them! ;)