18 April, 2011

Getting Ready for Holiday...

Thomas watching the Shinco
Well, not long now, just a couple of (rather short) weeks before we jet off to Sunny Spain (although actually the weather in Blighty has been perfectly good just lately anyway!) so this last weekend saw a bit of a flurry of activity, Flyingpops flew to the shops and returned clutching bags full of summer clothes (for all three of us), I now have a hat (apparently all *10* of my hats had managed to, very successfully, hide over the winter months) and a nice pair of sunglasses (nope, no idea where my old ones of those went either), we went up into the loft and got the big suitcase down (it's now laying on the bedroom floor waiting to be populated) and we also (finally) got round to testing out the Shinco battery, playing a DVD (i.e. it's most wasteful power mode) on Saturday I got 3 hours 40 minutes life out of it (or *almost* twice through Star Wars - A New Hope) and the flight is about 4 hours, some of which will be eating, nappy changing, reading, walking around and peering-out-the-window-pointing at things (I imagine)...so it looks like we have *plenty* of available distraction time, should it be required by way of Baby Einstien, Thomas the Tank Engine and In the Night Garden...phew! ;)

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