24 November, 2010

Tilgate Nature Center

So on my day off on Monday we decided (after Flyingpops had got back from the church group with Thomas - giving Daddy some valuable Xbox time) to go and visit Tilgate Park Nature Center, last time we went Thomas did a lot of pointing and staring and saying "Ah Goo!", but now, with his well practiced Animal Noises/Names (from various books/posters/plush and otherwise toys), it was time to see if he could put them to practical use...
Tilgate Park - Lion
...first we stopped off at the "raaaaaaar" (outside the entrance) -
Tilgate Park - Entrance Archway
- then passed through the Nature Centre archway -
Tilgate Park - Entrance
- and had a ride on one of the "clip-clop-clip-clop"s -
Tilgate Park
- then, after putting on reins and grabbing a big stick -
Tilgate Park - Sheep
- we stopped to watch some "Baaaaa"s -
Tilgate Park - Chickens
- excitedly chased some "icken!" (thoughts obviously still firmly on lunchtime) -
Tilgate Park - Pigs
- watched some *sound of a clearing nose* having their tea -
Tilgate Park - Cow
- pointed at some "Moooooo"s -
Tilgate Park - Duck
- and waved to a "Wak wak - Duck!"...(as well as peering at some more exotic animals which didn't make much noise at all, and didn't feature in many of the "Farm" word books, etc.)...
Tilgate Park - Capybara?
Tilgate Park - Alpaca
Tilgate Park
Tilgate Park - Aviary
Tilgate Park - Aviary
...a brilliant afternoon, and some practical use for all those extended "ook" sessions learning the animal names and noises...well done Thomas! ;)

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