05 November, 2009

Nursery finished

Cot Bed Built
Actually, I've got a funny feeling I've said that before - "the nursery is finished" - (perhaps even more than once) and it obviously wasn't quite there on any of those occasions...but I think this really is it this time (Fink glances around nervously for something disastrous to happen to contradict him)...nothing?

Well (he continues cautiously)...over the weekend we finally got around to putting together the proper cot bed, as Thomas is already getting a little bit too big for the rocking crib that is currently sitting in our bedroom (cliché warning - they grow up so fast!)...so once again we are in a situation where Thomas looks completely lost in his bed rather than threatening to spill over the sides... ;) Not that he's going to be sleeping in there at night time quite yet, but Flyingpops is getting him used to sleeping in it by using it for daytime naps (if he can find any room to fit in there around all the plush animals who zoomed in there the very second the new mattress arrived from John Lewis)...so I guess this is the first step towards Thomas actually taking up residency in his own room! How exciting!


Flyingpops said...

nearly babe - you need to finish the pond on the wall and we need to hang the pictures ;o)

Anonymous said...

Urm wouldnt that sort of thing be considered temporary decorations?

Absolute Beginner said...

Looking good!!! xx

Anonymous said...

it looks lovely. hope you are all well.
sam xxx

Ys said...

Someone loves Winnie the Pooh and friends ;) He looks so tiny in that big cot. Do you think it'll be a sad day for you both when he finally properly moves into the room?