06 May, 2008

Weekend update

Earlswood station
Well, I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends as much as I did, mine was taken up having 9am lay-ins, shopping for the honeymoon (socks & pants/indegestion medicine/deet), getting about half way through packing my clothes, finding the US power socket converters, finishing the game "Mass Effect" on the 360 (very, very impressed, looking forward to part 2), enjoying the wonderful weather (even drying some washing on the line in the garden) and then producing two loaves of bread (in the bread maker my folks dropped off while we were out shopping on Saturday - thank you!) one of which came out half still flour (as I hadn't attached one of the stirrers properly), and the second one of which completely collapsed in the middle (and no, I didn't open the lid, and yes, I did measure the ingredients perfectly, right down to leveling the cups off with a knife)...maybe my water wasn't quite 21 degrees, dunno...Anyway *half* of the first loaf was lovely, and the collapsed one (although a bit of a funny shape) is still perfectly edible, so a partial success (I have sandwiches made from it in my rucksack)...I guess perfect bread will follow with some experimentation with ingredients (I bought Tesco's own everything for my initial trials)...can't quite believe I didn't take any pictures, but there we go... ;)

3 sleeps to go until Mexico! <:0


Ys said...

my folk had a breadmaker at home and all the bread used to come out tasting salty... dunno what that says about my old folk hehehe -- i just grossed myself out :/

yay for the sunshine at least :D

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Haha... ;) Actually, my two attempts have both been on the sweet side, but you need to put in caster sugar or you don't get decent crusts apparently...oh well, we'll get there! ;)

Tom Hopwood said...

LOL, we've had some decent batches but I can't stand the damned hole in the middle. the loaves are only small and half of them are hole. Only three sleeps left eh? You must be excited. I wouldn't be able to sleep at all.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Set the blooming thing off to cook us a nice loaf for the morning last night and the smell of bread woke me up at 5am thinking the house was burning down! Oh and not only that, it was too hot to actually use for sandwich making when we did get up, so a big fat fail again for me! ;)