28 December, 2011

Guess who got a new scooter from Father Christmas!

Thomas had a lovely boxing day playing with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Dan, followed by more present unwrapping with Nanny & Grandad later in the afternoon. Mummy also found Thomas'solitary brussel sprout under the table, so looks like he lobbed it when we were not looking (probably the only thing we've found he won't eat!)

Yesterday, we decided it was time to get out, let Thomas burn off some energy and test drive the new scooter... Our destination - Priory Park, Reigate (which was completely rammed with lots of parents pushing children on new bikes or scooters)

Christmas 2011

Lots more pictures added to our Christmas set, so click here if you want to enjoy them! ...

25 December, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas 2011
...MADE IT! Thomas *loved* every second, didn't get completely out of control with excitement and played very nicely...also had a good chance to play around with the new camera a bit (a *very* welcome Christmas gift, but more on that later)... ;)

Absolutely loads of pictures from the day here...or a slideshow if you prefer... ;)

24 December, 2011

La la la is dum dum to hmmm... ;)

La la la is dum dum to hmmm... ;)
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Yep, I think *someone* is going to be rather excited when he walks (all sleepy) through the living room door!

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)


23 December, 2011

Happy Birthday Fink!

Hope you have a wonderful day.. Thomas has helped to wrap your presents and is now wanting to open them... He's practiced singing 'Happy Birthday' and is ready to eat the birthday cake for breakfast! Tonight, I asked if he would like a curry with Daddy, Nanny, Grandad and Auntie Lucy and Uncle James... he replied 'How about a banana naan?'

Love you lots and here is to a better year ahead..


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14 December, 2011

Thomas in Shepherd Outfit

My beautiful Shepherd in 2010...

Thomas in Costume

And one year on, the costume still fits and he is happy to wear it! :O)


11 December, 2011

Thanks Auntie Alan and Uncle Ruth

Ok, so Thomas is a little confused with your names, but you know who you are!

After a frantic hunt and a very long wait, Thomas was given his birthday present.. everyone was excited as it was a really 'cool, thoughtful gift' and .... he cried and it had to be put back in the box! ... Yes, I know, how ungrateful but kids are kids and can be silly sometimes!


So, we left it a few weeks and this morning Thomas woke up to find it on the play mat... such a treat! Daddy spent a few minutes demonstrating it and he hasn't stopped playing with it since! No joke, he loves it and I would highly recommend it to anyone out there! He's always had a fascination with rubbish trucks as we watch them every Friday and he announced this morning that he wanted to be a rubbish truck driver!


Thank you so much... he loves it and we've loved the peace and quiet whilst he's played!

10 December, 2011

Thomas the Donkey!

Thomas the Donkey
Thomas is going to be a donkey in the preschool play and we've just convinced him to try on his costume... How cute does he look? and plenty of growing room for him!! He was crawling up and down the living room, saying 'eeyore eeyore' ... Love him to bits!

02 December, 2011

Freezing COLD!

Very cold day in the Wharf
Oh boy, totally freezing today, had to scrape the ice off the car first thing (the de-icer spray had managed to get lost somewhere too, which didn't help), didn't take my gloves off all the way in (most unusual) and peering out the office window it looks like all the buildings are on fire thanks to all the moisture clouds billowing from the air conditioning units on the rooftops...

In other news, between now and January the 4th I now don't have to work any more than 3 days in any one week! Woo hoo!! :)

01 December, 2011

Free Innocent Apple Juice

Free Innocent Apple Juice
Wow, lucky I got in a bit early to the Wharf this morning! Spotted from the DLR (across the water) a feeding frenzy of commuters spewing from the Jubilee line and devouring huge pallets of free goods directly opposite...turns out (when I ran down there) that it was hundreds of free bottles of (family size) Innocent fresh pressed juice drinks...my bag is going to be pretty heavy to carry on the way home now!