10 April, 2009

Finks Links #59

Friday again, and a bank holiday with it (woo hoo)! Not sure I'm going to be doing any relaxing, too much preparation for the baby still to do, but I did still manage to note down a few of the cool things I've stumbled across over the last week for your amusement (even though you probably won't be playing on the internets, it's a Friday tradition now, after all) -

Urban exploration - this time the charmingly named Hellingly Insane Asylum... [HDR pics]

A great collection of the worst home-made Star Wars costumes ever made...in someones humble opinion, anyway... [pics]

An insane Japanese baseball stunt [video]

CT Scans of random items that one wouldn't normally put into a medical scanner quite interesting... [pics]

Watch a cannon ball floating in mercury (amazing)! [video]

Scary picture of Lava about to destroy a house (in Hawaii) [pic]

A (fake, but amusing) fossil keyboard spotted in Norwich [pic]

Nine words you might logically conclude originated from one field of science or another but which were really coined by science fiction writers...

An incredible piece from National Geographic about a guy who went to Peru to take ayahuasca (a potent, natively used narcotic) and came away minus his long term mental illness...

Twelve very odd classified ads from newspapers...

Harry Knowles goes on about a surprise screening of the new Star Trek movie he was invited to (sounds awesome, but there are some spoilers in there so beware if you care)!

Amazingly natural looking and extremely creepy (when it isn't walking, then it just looks lame) ant-inspired hexapod robot [video]

And God said "Let there be light"...(quite clever)... ;)

And now, just to finish up with (for another week), a funny "Inflatable fail" and an "overcoming compulsive hoarding fail"...

More next week! Have a lovely Easter!


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Kev Brown said...

Once again you surpass yourself with some superb links!